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We have a section with all kinds of items you can find on the web like Rocca - key change, - folder, -ashtrays , Mini Riva Ariston boats, postcards, small outboard toy engines, Online Video, DVD ,Real mobile phone boat sounds ets.

All this information is shared by members. They have a folder or book or pictures and share it with al the rest. So we get a very big database. You probably understand that it takes much time to put all this together. And that we like to keep it for the people who shared it. We also talk about the restorations we made, how we did it, where we have our materials from and what our sad bags are.
Also, these people get together and navigate there boats or yachts, talk about them, drink a bier (or champagne) and become friends. That's what EWBC is about. We are not a shop that want to sell its items. Or snobs that need to show-off with there Yacht. NO, here is the true love.

EWBC president

P.M: Read this text from a member and you'll understand.


is what we live by. Thus it must be our good fortune to own a wooden boat. Sailing and relishing the compliments we receive are feel-good investments as a good portion of our free time is spent working on the river of wood that runs smooth and true under our hands. It is a love story that started the day we acquired a yacht flush with bright work.

In today's world of electronics it is easy to forget that some old technology still has merit : wood enjoys a symbiotic relationship with water and remains a noble medium for boat building. It is resistant to most incursions, yet forgiving and malleable. Wood is not the product of man's manipulation of synthesized elements ; it is a product of the natural world. Steel, fibreglass, aluminium and Ferro cement are excellent materials for building boats indeed, but we have a hard time feeling warm and fuzzy about them.

"I will not be a slave of my own boat", many boat owners declare, as if by doing so they would surrender something of themselves. But these same people diligently wash and wax their shiny cars, religiously mow and edge their manicured lawns, and fastidiously remodel and repaint their expensive houses. They consider this intelligent maintenance of their greatest investments. For wooden boat owners selecting, measuring, fastening, sanding and varnishing the wood on their boats is moreover about the closest they can legally get to instant gratification.

Many sailors claim that they would rather be sailing than wasting time working on their boat. This argument fails to hold water : if a shiny day, a meeting or a fair wind pipes up, we set aside the work and untie the dock lines. The mahogany varnished to a golden glow speaks quietly of natures patient cadence and of summers and winters long gone. And just because a boat is not as new it does not mean she can not dance on the waves.

Sailing and wood maintenance teach us again and again to enjoy the moments we spend on our vessel. We do not do it for the show-off, but rather for our own satisfaction. We love wooden boats, therefore we are.

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